terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2015

OSTEOPOROSIS - FLYERS / campanha / proposta

"Osteoporosis" "


1 - creating basis (to be used in banner / billboard point).

2 - Outdoor / art - especially the clarification of text on OSTEOPOROSIS.

3 - illustration, outdorr applied.

4 - Brochure (taken from one of hundreds of blocks, set in banners / point poster). Statement size / ratio.

5 - Banner (point poster), secured, with the package inserts blocks to access the target audience, the information.

6 - Banner (point poster), with leaflets blocks, to be taken / highlighted by the target audience.

The campaign proposes an interaction of target audience exposed to the arts.
Thousands of leaflets, attached to the arts, can be removed / detached and taken by the public.
Outdoor, also contains information on OSTEOPOROSIS between phrases / effect slogan:

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